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    In 1978, Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris introduced the BASS TRACKER®, the first "fish ready" professionally rigged boat package, and in so doing created a whole new industry. Since then, enthusiasm for the boats we build has grown unabated. This is reflected in the expansion of the company's lineup to embrace new segments and more brands. Today, Tracker Marine Group, the manufacturer of NITRO boats, is one of the world's leading boat builders, making and selling boats for virtually every boating need.

    When you buy NITRO Boats, you can be assured of a good deal, no matter where you buy. 

    While most brands are sold using variable retail pricing that is negotiated by each and every customer, NITRO Boats uses a simple, no-negotiation, nationally published value price policy that is consistent from one NITRO boat dealer to another. Our retail prices are significantly below those of other brands because they set their prices with an allowance for negotiation. Our no haggle, no hassle prices are set at "after negotiation" levels to ensure you always get the best price on the NITRO boat of your choice.

    Regardless of which NITRO boat you choose, it comes with its own factory-matched custom trailer designed specifically for your NITRO boat models. We design and build our own trailers to be the best. Over the past several years, using our Voice of the Customer feedback, we’ve improved literally every inch of our trailers. For instance, our exclusive GalvaShield® process protects the frame from corrosion while maintaining its painted good looks. And, there is much more. 

    Our frames are welded, not bolted together. Because your boat may spend more time on its trailer than in the water, NITRO boat trailers are loaded with features you’ll appreciate more and more the longer you own your boat. Look closely. You’ll appreciate every detail. 

    Exclusive GalvaShield® Protection We use only welded tubular steel for durability and an exceptional weight-to-strength ratio. Better yet, our exclusive GalvaShield process provides exceptional corrosion protection. Steel coil comes galvanized from the factory and, when formed into tubes, both the interior and exterior surfaces are zinc-coated again. The double-galvanized exterior is then clear-coated to prepare it for the application of polyurethane paint that is electrostatically bonded to form a high-gloss, chip-resistant weatherproof shield. 

    To provide support for the entire hull, NITRO boat trailers feature full-length bunks,
    covered by high-quality, padded, marine-grade carpet to prevent marring or discoloration. 

    Swing-away trailer tongues reduce the amount of space you need to store your boat. Retractable safety cables on select models make it easy to complete the connection to your tow vehicle, then stow out of the way when not in use. 
    EZ lube hubs keep both inner and outer bearings lubricated without the hassle of disassembly and repacking. All you need is a grease gun to keep the bearings properly lubricated. 

    Z-9 and 9 Series trailers feature super-low-maintenance oil bath hubs, a lower towing profile and bright LED brake lights. 

    Brakes are offered as an option on every trailer we make. Towing regulations regarding gross vehicle weight ratings vary from locale to locale as do requirements for brakes on boat trailers. Check local regulations in areas where you’ll be towing your boat to determine the brake requirements for your boat, motor and trailer package.

    Pro Team
    NITRO boats. For decades, the name has been synonymous in professional fishing circles with high-powered performance. Sleek and stylish good looks. Extreme fishing. And, of course, winning. On the tournament trails, these boats have no match. Their strength, performance and proven features are legendary. That's why some of the biggest names in the game depend on their NITRO boats, day in and day out. Rain or shine. 

    Like Kevin VanDam, who has been fishing from NITRO boats the entire 19 years of his career. He is one of the most decorated anglers in history and has been named the B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year four times. Then there's Rick Clunn. He is a four-time Bassmaster Classic champion and was even named by ESPN as the Greatest Angler of All Time in 2005. 

    And that's just the start. The complete Pro Fishing Team is made up of many great anglers who make their career from the decks of NITRO boats. 

    State Teams
    NITRO Boats also supports local State Fishing Teams. Whether you're a weekend angler, or looking for more, State Fishing Teams are a great way to get into fishing tournaments on a local level. 

    In addition to individual anglers, NITRO Boats sponsors some of the best tournaments in the country. From grass roots events to the big money competitions, NITRO Boats is an active participant in numerous events, supporting men and women everywhere who follow their passion for fishing. 

    Our Tournament Rewards program is another way of helping people who fish make money. Through the program, you get rewarded for fishing from your NITRO boat equipped with designated Mercury® engines. Check out the site for more information on how you can get paid to fish.