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    Alumacraft Boats For Sale

    Alumacraft Boats builds more than 80 different models of specialty fishing boats, supplying a market that extends around the globe. We're proud to build what we believe are the finest fishing boats in the world. And we'd be especially proud to build one ... for you.

    10 Reasons You Should Own An Alumacraft Boat

    1. Independently-Owned Manufacturer 
    That means you get your boat rigged the way you want it. Alumacraft offers all major outboard motor lines for your boat. You get the outboard, the features, the options, and the service you want from America’s biggest, independently owned boat manufacturer. 

    2. Greater Selection of Boat Sizes 
    Choose from 20'8" long, high-performance, deep-V boats to simple 10' flatbottom jon boats. Alumacraft boats come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes and styles for an endless variety of uses and budgets. You name it, we've got it. 

    3. The Alumacraft Boat Ride

    Our pros call it the Alumacraft Ride. These guys have driven or ridden in virtually every boat on the market. They tell us Alumacraft Boats are drier, quieter, smoother and more responsive. The exceptional ride of Alumacraft Boats paired with the outstanding performance of a new Yamaha outboard - it doesn't get any better.

    4. High Quality Hardware Pulls

    Alumacraft Boats uses the highest quality hardware on the market. Chromed metal hardware is strong, durable and easy to grab and open, even with gloves on. Compare some of the hardware on other boats and you'll be surprised.

    5. Heavier Gauge Aluminum
    All Alumacraft boats, whether it’s our all- 
    welded jons or one of our riveted tournament models, are made with heavy gauge, top quality, 5052 marine grade aluminum. That’s why you see Alumacraft boats that have been on the water for years and years. They last longer. 

    6. See the Difference
    Look real close. You’ll see a tighter fit; smooth, even welds; larger rivets; and precision construction throughout. These are boats you’ll be proud to call your own. 

    7. More and Bigger Ribs
    Our all-welded ribs can take a pounding. 
    They’re heavier, wider and stronger, making the entire boat tougher and more rigid. Ribs are positioned on narrow 12” centers. This results in more ribs making the hull stronger the entire length of the boat. 

    8. Larger Aircraft Grade Rivets

    Inherent strength is greater with larger rivets. Larger rivets mean stronger rivets. Stronger rivets mean fewer rivets needed. Fewer rivets mean fewer holes and significantly lower chance of popping rivets.

    9. Highest Quality Paint

    Alumacraft Boats are painted in the same base-coat/clear-coat process and colors used by the big three auto makers. The beauty of this process is it allows for repairing small scratches and areas of dock rash without repainting your entire boat. Matching touch-up paint can be found at more than 4000 outlets. 

    10. One-Piece Hull

    Alumacraft Boats uses a single piece of aluminum that is cut and shaped to form the hull. This one-piece design assures there are no seams on the boat's bottom, providing the greatest possible inherent strength and no heaving.