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    Lowe Boats was founded in 1971 to build high value aluminum boats and canoes to fit a family’s boating needs. Since then Lowe Boats has created generations of family memories through great times on the water and has developed quite a reputation among experienced boaters for building high quality, yet affordable aluminum boats to suit almost any need.

    Today Lowe Boats builds over 100 models of riveted and welded jon, bass, deep-V, deck and pontoon boats, all focused on fishing and the family.

    Old World Craftsmanship, New World Technology

    Lowe Boats is located in the heart of the Ozarks where old world, hand-worked craftsmanship is renowned. Since our boats are assembled entirely by hand using hi-tolerance CAD design specifications, our professional craftsmen must be trained to employ the latest computer assisted manufacturing technologies. As a result, Lowe Boats specialized craftsmen are a critical difference in our superior construction and remarkable fit & finish. It's just one of the reasons we can say "Lowe Boats sets the benchmark for quality aluminum fish boats".

    High Resale Value

    At Lowe Boats we let the N.A.D.A. and Blue Book do the talking. According to these official price guides for used boats, Lowe Boats consistently rank as one of the highest in resale value. It's nice to know that when you're ready for your next Lowe Boat, you'll get more on a trade or from a personal sale. This catalog was designed to explain why.

    Built to Match Your Specific Fishing Requirements

    All Lowe Boats are purpose built with exacting construction techniques and specialized components for each intended boating application. We employ various techniques including riveting or welding on hulls ranging from .72 to .100 gauge aluminum. We use both aluminum decks and plywood decks because aluminum simply works better in some applications and plywood in others. And we incorporate CAD engineered PowerGrid™ stringer and rib construction of all design types including: extruded or machine formed structural components.

    Best Rated Service - 2003, 2004 & 2005

    The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) has recognized Lowe Boats with the Marine Industry CSI Award, CSI Awardsthe trade association's highest recognition for customer satisfaction in the Aluminum Outboard Boats category in 2003, 2004 & 2005 

    Technological Leadership

    Lowe Boats has installed state-of-the-art CAD engineering capabilities and computer assisted manufacturing equipment to design and construct our boats. As a result, every boat is a masterpiece of integrated technology we call SuperLock™ Construction.

    Computerized Press Brakes

    You don't create the industries highest standards if you can't cut, bend and Press Breaksshape to the tightest tolerances possible. Computer controlled press brakes create components that match military aircraft specifications.

    Plasma Arc Cutter

    Cutting complicated hull pieces time after time to exacting specifications is Arc Cutter imperative to constructing a precise fitting and correctly shaped aluminum boat. This critical segment of Lowe Boats integrated process ensures a hull and transom that are straight and true.

    Computerized Paint Systems

    Perhaps the most visible difference in Lowe Boats is their great looks. Our process Paint System combines hand sanding and cleaning with computer assisted painting and infrared heat treating to produce a durable and attractive hi-gloss finish.

    Modular Construction Jigs

    Lowe Boats knows that precisely hand-crafted components are the key to finely built boat. Construction Jig. We employ modular construction jigs to ensure that every hand-assembled module adheres to our exacting design criteria.