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    Regal boats is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of luxury performance boats from 19 to 52 feet. Established in 1969, we are a thriving family owned & operated company.

    The Regal boats World Headquarters in Orlando, Florida contains nearly half a million square feet including a state-of-the-art Yacht Center and a 7-acre, 20' deep test basin. The Valdosta, Georgia facility encompasses an additional 150,000 square feet of production space.

    Regal boats are distributed by over 180 of the top dealers and distributors in the business with locations in more than 45 countries.

    ISO Certification
    At Regal boats, providing "exceptional customer satisfaction" begins with creating an exceptional product. In 2002, Regal boats became one of the first boat builders in the world to earn ISO certification. The International Organization of Standards 9001:2000 level is the world's most recognized and demanding platform for quality control standards in design and manufacturing. It clearly demonstrates Regal boats commitment to building to the highest quality standards.

    In-Mold Gelcoat
    In-mold gelcoat is one of many quality features found on a Regal boat. Other manufacturers use taped-on color graphics. Tape is quick, less expensive and looks good in the showroom. In the real world, it scuffs easily, peels, cracks and falls victim to the elements. Regal, on the other hand, molds color graphics right into the gelcoat. The colors are crisp, lines are absolutely straight, curves are perfect and the bright colors will remain bright and showroom-new long after tape has shown its age and shortcomings.

    Stainless Steel
    Regal boats is the only boat builder to offer stainless steel windshield structures on every boat over 22 feet. It is the number one choice for elegance, longevity and structural strength for deck hardware and windshields. Regal boats chooses stainless steel because using anything less would be a compromise.

    Lifetime Limited Hull Warranty
    Regal boats is also proud to back the entire fleet with one of the strongest warranty packages in the industry. Every Regal boat is backed by a Limited Lifetime Structural Hull Warranty that is transferable and valid to a second owner for the remainder of the first 5 years.

    Being a family owned company, we are concerned for your family as well as ours, and that's why safety is a key factor in our design process. Standard features like transom-trailering lights, extended swim platforms, deep cockpits and walk-thru transoms aid in keeping your family safe.

    FasTrac® Hull
    For 10 years Regal's FasTrac hull has given sportboats a high performance ride with better fuel economy, earning Regal boats the industry's prized IMTEC innovation award. The FasTrac design reduces drag that slows down conventional hulls, leaving the Regal boat with a very fast and very fuel-efficient ride that provides a level of control and responsiveness to the helm and throttle that is unique to Regal boats.

    Volvo IPS Engines
    We didn't stop there. Regal boats was one of the first to introduce the revolutionary Volvo Penta IPS propulsion system and quickly stepped ahead of the pack with the high performance, world class Commodore Yacht series. A Regal Yacht with IPS is more fuel-efficient, gets higher speeds with less horsepower and has reduced vibrations, engine noise and exhaust fumes. Volvo IPS is not an improvement, it's a revolution, one Regal boats is proud to have helped initiate.

    Window ExpressTM Cruisers
    Regal boats has added a new dimension of light to boating with the Window Express cruisers. Until now, portholes and deck hatches accounted for the natural lighting of an express interior. The Regal Window Express incorporates large windows forward and dramatic cat eyes to port & starboard allowing natural light to pour into the cabin.

    Regal boat owners have confirmed it. In the latest J.D. Power and Associates study Regal boat owners ranked Regal boats "Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Express Cruisers (24-33 feet) and Small Runabouts (16-19 feet)"*. Five years in a row, Regal boats has been awarded the National Marine Manufacturers Association's CSI award for exceptional customer satisfaction. ** 

    Regal boat owner satisfaction is among the highest in the industry with record numbers of owners moving up to bigger boats within the Regal boat line. But not only does the ownership experience achieve high marks, the resale experience is equally satisfying. Regal boat owners are profiting from some of the highest retained value in the marketplace.