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    Chris Craft Boats For Sale

    There are six cornerstone qualities that ensure every Chris Craft boat you'll ever see lives up to the values and beliefs upon which Chris Craft Boats was built more than 130 years ago. These elements are brought to life not only by our commitment to traditional boat-building skills, but also to leading-edge technology. They are echoed by the way in which we design and engineer our boats, by our construction techniques and by the materials we use to produce them. Our objective is to give you a boat that is a pleasure to own, firstly, because it promises an enjoyable and memorable boating experience every time you use it and, secondly, because it is an object that can be appreciated simply for its stunning design and craftsmanship.

    Timeless Beauty

    At Chris Craft Boats we believe that the physical form of a boat should captivate and inspire you before you even step aboard. Graceful curves and sharp edges should blend seamlessly together to create an organic shape of undeniable beauty. Great design always appears to be simple and understated when first encountered, but through appreciation reveals subtle details that reflect the considerable effort expended to create visual harmony. The enduring quality of design that stands the test of time is a simple beauty that speaks to the heart.
    Over time, Chris Craft boats design language has evolved to produce a set of distinctive design signatures:

    -Deep-V hulls
    -Reverse transoms
    -Flared bows
    -Large cabin house windows with teak surround
    -Perforated plate dashboards
    -Sit pits in the bows
    -Custom-fabricated deck hardware 
    -Premium exterior and interior hardwoods

    Agile Performance

    Chris Craft boats are high-performance boats that are designed to be enjoyable to drive. We ensure that they are fast and powerful enough to provide a swift means of transport, but also sufficiently responsive and maneuverable to impart a feeling of confidence and control. 

    -Large displacement engines mated to appropriate transmissions. 
    -Efficient propeller design maximizes the available performance for each hull and engine combination.

    -Precision steering systems.
    -Advanced stern-drives and inboard engine units.

    Fluid dynamics of the hull design
    -Deep-V hulls with 20° deadrise at the transom that cut effortlessly through the water in all conditions.
    -Reverse angle chines for added stability and comfort in all conditions.

    Traditional Craftsmanship

    To Chris Smith founder of Chris Craft Boats craftsmanship was not just what you did, but also the way in which you did it. We continue to build the legend exactly as Chris Smith would were he still alive today. 

    A passion for wood
    If any material has defined Chris Craft boats it is wood. Our knowledge of how to use mahogany, teak, oak, maple and cherry woods for both interior and exterior marine applications remains unsurpassed.

    Quality of materials
    Be it fiberglass, exterior hardwoods or wall coverings, we only use premium grade materials at Chris Craft Boats. This adds to the cost of our boats but reflects the integrity of our uncompromising approach to quality.

    Attention to detail
    Part of the pleasure of owning a Chris Craft boat is that over time you discover new details to appreciate. Our windshields, air horns, hatches and navigation light fittings are all custom-tooled; wooden steering wheels are a delight to hold while custom-fabricated ChrisCraft boats instrument gauges are clearly visible in all light conditions. 

    Our people
    More than anything else, it is the quality of our people that guarantees the exceptional quality of Chris Craft boats.

    Durable Dependability

    Ensuring the fundamental integrity and security of our boats is a primary concern that takes precedence over everything else we do. ChrisCraft boats are engineered to exceed all mandatory safety requirements by a significant margin. When customers buy a Chris-Craft boat they are buying a boat built to last a lifetime.

    Integrity of our approach to boat building
    Our approach naturally includes advanced tooling and a set of proven systems and processes; but it also reflects the personal commitment of every employee her at Chris Craft Boats and a shared goal of doing things as well as they can be done.

    Every structural component and system on a Chris Craft boat is designed and built to give our customers absolute confidence.

    Timeless beauty cannot be appreciated unless it is able to stand the test of time. The longer you own a Chris-Craft boat, the more you will appreciate it, which is why we are delighted to provide a 5-year bow-to-stern protection plan and a 10-year hull warranty.

    Stylish Comfort

    Efficient deck layouts use the available space intelligently. The way in which we package the interior design elements provides supreme practicality. It also adds to the distinctive character of ChrisCraft boats.

    Interior design
    The objective of every cabin we create is to provide a luxuriously comfortable and relaxing environment that is elegant and stylish. We want it to be a home away from home.
    - Beautiful wood paneling is complemented by fine leathers and fabrics to create a bright and stylish interior ambience.
    - Heads with enclosed showers provide the perfect floating bathroom that maximizes space.
    - Solid surface counters in kitchen areas provide a durable work surface resembling marble or granite that is practical yet attractive.

    Custom-made furnishings and fixtures
    We have commissioned an exclusive range of furnishings that enhance the comfort and style of our boats and ensure that whatever boating activities our owners set out to enjoy, they will have a first-class experience.
    -Custom-made porcelain and cutlery.
    -Towels and bedding.

    American Heritage

    Chris Craft boats is proud to call itself American. Our boats are 100% built in the USA. The value and benefits that define our country, our people and our way of life are an integral part of how Chris Craft builds its boats and how our customers enjoy them.