Boat Test: 2002 Silverton 43 Motor Yacht

Boat Tested2002 Silverton 43 Motor Yacht
Price As Tested$668,096
Category Motor Yacht
Manufacturer Silverton
Length47ft / 14.33 m
Beam1410ft / 429.77 m
Weight30 000 Lbs
Fuel Capacity1,514 L
It’s a long way from the Sidewalk to the penthouse, but Silverton Marine has climbed the stairs smartly, learning and innovating along the way.
With its 2002 43 Motor Yacht, Silverton has solidified a place among its peers at the top of this upper-middle class neighbourhood.
This all-new model is the refinement of a concept introduced in the 1990s that has become the standard for many. The SideWalk series eliminated walkarounds to allow maximum beam space in the salon area by incorporating steps up into the cockpit and then aft.
It was, at first, a bulky, sometimes circuitous experiment, but in each successive year, improvements were made and the design evolved.
The Silverton 43 is by far the most impressive version we’ve seen. From its much improved captain’s seat to the seamlessly integrated cockpit and aft deck, from the biggest salon windows yet to the most intelligently and elegantly planned main living area, the 43 has answered the critics while improving on its strengths.
Salon seems an inadequate term in this boat. It’s more like a penthouse livingroom. Aside from huge windows, the first thing that strikes you is where they put the TV. It’s elevated above the door leading to the forward stateroom, giving a home theatre feel to the area.
Two L-shaped ultraleather couches are offset, with one doubling as a dining table and the other with a full coffee table. The galley is tucked forward and slightly down, with hardwood flooring, a full refrigerator and freezer and an island that doubles nicely as a serving area for drinks and snacks for the couch beside it.
The forward stateroom has a large centre-mounted raised bed with seven closets and drawers. To one side is an entrance to the head opposite the galley while on the other side of the doorway, is a private shower facility. The main stateroom aft offers a huge space that feels bigger because of the angled bed. A sink is centred between separate toilet and showers tapered into the corners with opaque windows adding to the decor. Once again, the area is bathed in light by three large windows.
On deck, the 43 offers a much more open feel, plus another big improvement. The cockpit area is centre-set with a comfortable chair for the captain and seats on the sides for the mates. Backing the chairs up is a rounded moulded storage area that looks like a standup bar with a polished countertop. The area serves another seating area for more visitors. Best of all, the hard-top canopy is cut away, increasing the feel of unity between the aft deck and bridge. The captain’s sightline to the swim platform is much-improved too. As you would expect on a boat of this calibre, the deck has a fridge and ice maker and a boat-wide sound system.
The 2002 43 Motor Yacht improves on its predecessors with its sleek angles that project a sportier personality than you might expect in a 47-foot yacht. The arching design over the salon windows gives a 21st-century paddlewheel look to the all-white exterior.
Powered by twin 420-hp Cats, the 43 reached a top speed of 27 mph at 2,825 rpm. It handled just as well at top speed as it did at its cruise speed of 21 mph (2,450 rpm) where it performed solidly and happily. In a competitive world where subtle changes and clever innovations are the primary differences other than brand names, Silverton has clearly earned its real estate on the top floor.
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