Boat Test: 2004 Polaris Polaris MSX 150

Boat Tested2004 Polaris Polaris MSX 150
Price As TestedNot Available
Category PWC
Manufacturer Polaris
Length10ft 6in / 3.20 m
Last year was just a tease. A limited number of the new Polaris MSX 150 watercraft were shipped to Canada in 2003, only to be recalled for some extra mechanical tinkering. Nobody got to experience the flex of the four-stroke,150 hp,turbocharged muscle.

Good thing the craft is back for 2004, looking equally cutting edge and just begging to be turned loose.The machine looks mean with its refined contours, sleek lines and outrageous colour choices like turbo silver and stealth black. A smoked windscreen enhances the toughguy image - an attitude backed by the MSX's performance. An intercooled turbocharger turns the 750-cc fourstroke into a motor to be reckoned with, and the Bosch multi-port electronic fuel injection ensures that machine starts instantly, runs smoothly and responds the moment it is asked.

The MSX 150 certainly has power, but it's gentle when and where it matters. The watercraft has a two-star emissions rating, proving that performance hasn't been achieved at the expense of the environment. The muscle-bound machine is equally user-friendly. A 14- function instrument pod keeps the driver in tune with the craft.

The 150 seats three, so towing is a possibility. Accessories like a tow pylon will customize the craft for watersports. The convex mirrors already provide an excellent rearview perspective and more than 127 litres of storage offer the space you need for the necessary gear.

For a three-seater, the MSX is one lightweight machine at 665 pounds. No wonder the PWC has an alarming power-to-weight ratio, the kind that explains why the 150 is so agile on the water.Yet the watercraft manages to stay hooked up thanks to the modified-V progressive Dihedral stepped design. If your goal is to own one of Polaris' new top-of-the-line craft,you better get while the getting is good.
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