Boat Test: 2005 Cobalt Cobalt 255

Boat Tested2005 Cobalt Cobalt 255
Price As TestedNot Available
Category Cuddy
Manufacturer Cobalt
Length25ft / 7.62 m
What do you do for an encore? In the short span of five years, Cobalt has been firmly established as the creme de la creme, the BMW/Mercedes of the runabout world. After setting new standards for quality, luxury, performance and design with the brilliant 22- and 24-foot hulls, what could be next?

The creation of a showboat flagship, the 343 Sport Yacht, was perhaps predictable. But Cobalt has also been wise enough to give us more of what we want. The 25-footer is a further attempt to redefine the runabout, this time with more interior space to work with, including the option of either an open bow or a luxurious cuddy cabin.

Cuddies are back, not in any way displacing the bowrider, but adding the option of an inside, out-of-thechill space for changing clothes, eating lunch, or enduring the long, late ride home.A cuddy is also a great place to stow a pile of gear - out of sight, out of the rain, just close the door.As furnished by Cobalt, the 255's big cuddy area features a plushly upholstered Vbench, lights, portholes and a removable pedestal table. Plus, there is a portable head tucked under the entry step, properly plumbed for a pumpout.

For some, it will be the look of the 255 that they find most appealing.The covered bow and the added hull length dramatically change the boat's appearance, giving this family runabout the bold aspect of a sport boat.

Innovation extends to the 255's passenger area, which has been configured for maximum spaciousness. The beam is no wider than that of the already-wide 22, but the gunnels have been pushed out and narrowed, giving the impression of a much broader boat.And the seating is unique, a great example of Cobalt style. One word sums it up - "symmetry." The designers of large runabouts often attempt to exploit the available space with a fancy-looking but impractical Ushaped bench or a side-mounted lounger. In contrast, Cobalt deals with the realities of seating comfort and the need for a balanced load by supplying the usual pair of swivel helm buckets, an ample bench across the back plus two wonderful side seats, one on each side, tucked in out of the wind, right behind the fronts. This accommodating pair are roughly triangular in shape and are provided with grip handles on the backs of the helm chairs. Large enough for any passenger,they are perfect for kids. The two side seats also conceal insulated wells/coolers in their moulded bases,accessible under flip-up cushions.

At the transom, the 255 adds another level to Cobalt's "waterfall" swim platform, thereby providing three step-on heights for boarding passengers.

Although they're not the fastest boats for their size and power, Cobalt performance has also become legendary. Ride quality, unmatched by any other production boat, is a result of both inspired bottom shapes, including a 22-degree deadrise on the 25, and the fact that Cobalt engineers don't hesitate to leave some weight in the hull. At over 5,000 pounds the Cobalt 255 is heavy and sits solidly on the water, whether at rest or while challenged by a nasty chop. Nevertheless, under acceleration it rises rapidly to plane with minimal bow lift and delivers top speeds fast enough for any thrill-seeker. Handling is equally impressive for a boat length equal to that of some small cruisers. It will carve with the aplomb of a sport boat or cut hard like a PWC.The 255 is another Cobalt winner.
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