Boat Test: 2005 Mastercraft X-7

Boat Tested2005 Mastercraft X-7
Price As TestedNot Available
Category Wakeboard Boat
Manufacturer Mastercraft
Length19ft 8in / 5.99 m
MasterCraft is to towboats what Scotch is to tape. Skiers and wakeboarders around the world look to MasterCraft for their ultimate pulling machine.
If you want selection, MasterCraft is the undisputed leader.At last count, 21 models were offered. From inboard-powered performance sportboats to purpose-built tournament craft,this Tennessee builder sets the bar.
MasterCraft's X-series represents adventure and style, undeniably marketed to those who think young. Distinguished by huge stainless steel towers, bold and brilliant graphics, and killer sound systems, X boats make big wake.
But what if there are skiers in the crowd? Aren't wakeboard boats pretty specific in the wake they deliver? The solution may be found in MasterCraft's X-7, a dual-purpose watersports hull designed to satisfy skiers and wakeboarders, with very little compromise in performance.
For 2005, the X-7 gets a brand new tower. Not only does it look cool and put the rope at a perfect angle for wakeboarding,you can now swivel the board rack inside the boat. Perhaps the biggest kick comes in the awesome JL Audio sub system with separate tweeters. Aluminum speaker casings with forward facing halogen lights are mounted high.The look and sound is awesome. 
Though the X-7's topside appearance may be more wakeboard than slalom, what lies beneath the surface gets both jobs done.When operating at slalom speed, the relatively flat hull is engineered to smooth the water's surface and give skiers soft wakes to cross.
Alternatively, when weighted and slowed down, loud wakes build for boarding. At the flick of a switch, its ballast tank fills and drops the hull deeper into water, creating the size and texture of wakes boarders like.
Another way to weigh your boat down is to fill it with people. MasterCraft's X-7 can certainly hold 10 people, with a roomy open bow and seating for seven adults in the cockpit. Storage space is plentiful too, with a spacious portside under-console compartment and below-seat cushions forward. There's even a walk-through cooler as you access the bow.
MasterCraft's quality highlights begin with a lustrous gelcoat finish. The X-7 benefits from the company's exclusive LifeMaster construction process, whereby every component is anchored with steel, aluminum or high-density polyethylene.
Sitting in MasterCraft's new ruggedly upholstered flip-up bucket seat and surrounded by tubular bars, I felt like I was ready for a NASCAR event. To optimize a driver's view, MasterCraft blacks out the dash so nothing reflects back off the highly protective windshield. With my feet planted firmly on a combination rubber/ carpet foot brace, I eased the digital fly-by-wire throttle forward to bring the X-7 on plane.
Up and running flat in 2.8 seconds, MasterCraft's optional 5.7 L, 350 hp MCX powerplant cruised along at 30 mph turning 3,000 rpm. It planes effortlessly at 18 mph or 2,000 rpm and throws up a pretty decent wake, even with only one person in the boat. Up the ante to 2,800 rpm, and the wake settles down.
The X-7 pulls from 20 to 30 mph in under three seconds, and from 20 to 40 mph in 5.1 seconds.The engine is geared for bottom end, thus we were quite satisfied to reach a top speed of 45.6 mph at 4,800 rpm. I had great fun turning tight and stopping fast to pick up my imaginary skier.With a relatively flat bottom, the boat comes right around at full speed, dropping back to 4,000 rpm, losing just seven mph in the process.
To function as a wakeboard hull and be ranked a tournament slalom boat isn't easy,but MasterCraft has outdone itself.
Test boat engineMasterCraft MCX 5.7 L , 5.7-litre (350 cid), 350 hp V-8 gasoline inboard with multiport fuel injection, pushing a C&C four-blade bronze propeller
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