Boat Test: 2007 Walker Bay Genesis 310FT

Boat Tested2007 Walker Bay Genesis 310FT
Price As TestedNot Available
Category Inflatable
Manufacturer Walker Bay
Length10ft 3in / 3.12 m
One of the most innovative boat manufacturers

has to be Walker Bay.

Although their boats are all smaller in

sizes, the designs are remarkably clever and their

construction techniques are truly revolutionary.

The "FT" in Genesis FT stands for folding

transom, one of the attributes that makes the boat

very easy to store and transport.

Fundamentally, the Genesis FT is what's

called a rigid hull inflatable boat. It has high-volume,

low-pressure tubes surrounding the rigid

hull to give the boat remarkable load carrying

capacity at a high degree of seaworthiness considering

its size.

Unique to Walker Bay is a special material

called high impact marine composite. Walker Bay

uses high-pressure injection moulding in a special

mould that weighs 72 tons. The hull is injected

moulded at 6,000 psi, producing a one-piece hull

with no seams.

The hull of the Genesis FT is 10 feet, 2 inches

long with a beam of 66 inches, yet it has the

amazing rating of a four person capacity.

Recommended horsepower is 10, but our test

boat was equipped with the maximum - a

Yamaha 15 hp two-stroke.

Walker Bay offers the 310 Genesis FT in

either PVC or Hypalon material for the tubes.

The unique folding transom is hinged to fold

down when the tubes are deflated, making it so

compact it can be stored in a bag.

At the transom is another unique Walker Bay

feature; trim tabs that incorporate wheels.

Whether it's assembled and in use or folded away

for storage, most people can pick up the boat at

the bow and roll it on the transom wheels. This is

very clever indeed.

Combined with the 76-pound, 15-hp

Yamaha, you can transport it in most vans and

even some cars without a trailer. The whole thing

could store in an apartment building storage locker.

Features include large fore and aft grab handles,

as well as a good size bow storage area with a

handy tray to keep small items dry and secure.

Under the tray is a larger bin. The one seat that

comes with the boat is cleverly equipped with two

drink holders and another storage lid where the

storage tray from the bow can be relocated. The

portable fuel tank can store under the seat or up

in the bow if you prefer. It's possible to route the

fuel line under the solid floor of the boat to

reduce clutter and the floor keeps your feet and

cargo dry. Other clever features include telescopic

oars that store neatly in the hull sides and the 310

model has folding oar locks in the tubes.

The Yamaha started easily and was easy to

use. On small boats, we recommend drivers

always attach the tether cord properly for safety

reasons. Normally, you drive sitting on the side of

the tube, bracing yourself with your foot and

holding a side hand hold. Because of the short

length on the Genesis 310 FT, you need to lean

forward to plane it off with only one person on

board; it actually planes more quickly with two

aboard. The 15 Yamaha hit 20.3 mph, which is

plenty quick for this type of boat. The side tubes

give good stability and sea-keeping qualities considering

the small size.

Whether it's a very safe and fun boat for the

kids at the cottage, a little platform to scuba dive

from or a tender for a yacht, Walker Bay has an

impressively well-designed product in the 310.
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