Boat Test: 2010 Seabreeze 1900 Walk Thru

Boat Tested2010 Seabreeze 1900 Walk Thru
Price As Tested$29,834 CAD
Category Multi Species Fish
Manufacturer Seabreeze
Length19ft / 5.79 m
Beam7ft 3in / 2.21 m
Weight1400 Lbs
Drive TypeOutboard
Engine MakeSuzuki
Fuel Capacity16 Gals

By: Matt Spencer

It’s no secret that Maritimers know a thing or two about rough water and fishing. So when it comes to making a consumer boat that can handle both of these tasks, you can be sure they do it well. That’s exactly what Seabreeze claims to do with its 1900WalkThru.

On the outside, the high flaring bow and low stern firmly establishes this as a Down East boat, while the white high-gloss finish says it’s been built with care. The black trimmed windshield nicely complements the black and yellow stripes right above the waterline.

Inside, the grey painted hand-laid fibreglass says, “I’m ready to work. ”There’s no snap-in carpet or plush seats in the 1900WalkThru, but this is what prospective owners love about it. That’s not to say it’s still not refined, though. Any surfaces that don’t receive direct contact carry over the same high-gloss finish from the outside.

What’s really worth talking about is what you don’t see on the Seabreeze and that’s what’s below the waterline. The 1900 brings the trusted semi-displacement hull into a boating world ruled by Vs.

And while it starts off as a modified V at the bow, the hull turns into a flat bottom with chine at the transom with a full-length keel for better handling and control. This is also a very fuel-efficient design. Since you’re basically always on plane, there’s no need to burn extra gas accelerating.

On the water, you can tell this boat was built with experience. Hitting three foot waves, the hull just slices through with confidence and the full-length spray rail deflects the water away with ease. There’s no jolting or jarring on impact and the flat bottom and chine make for exceptional stability, a dream for fishermen of all waters.

While you may not recognize the name or the style of hull, Seabreeze Boats recognizes what it takes to build a safe, fuel-efficient boat that works as hard as it plays.

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