Boat Test: 2010 Tracker Boats Pro 16

Boat Tested2010 Tracker Boats Pro 16
Price As Tested$10,961 CAD
Category Bass Boat
Manufacturer Tracker Boats
Length16ft 1in / 4.90 m
Beam5ft 8in / 1.73 m
Max HP30
Drive TypeOutboard
Fuel Capacity6

By Matt Spencer

I was trying hard to imagine how many features Tracker Marine Group could pack into its Pro 16, at an inch over 16 feet, without beginning to feel claustrophobic, especially when you consider the modest 6-foot, 3-inch beam. When the Pro 16 arrived at the offices for me to spend some time with, I scanned through the list of standard features and wondered where they possibly fit it all in.

It was like a game of hide-and-go-seek. But the more I looked, the more I discovered the Pro 16’s features were all hiding in plain sight; a true testament to a well thought out boat. And then I saw the price tag -under $11,000 with trailer - and I was pretty much floored.

Then the more I began to think about the history of the Pro 16, it all began to make sense to me. This model was originally a breakthrough offer from Tracker to get fishermen a boat loaded with features at a jaw-dropping price. And, to this day, it still leads the industry in overall value.

So don’t let the price fool you into expecting to see a flimsy aluminium boat. The Pro 16 has a .090 gauge all-welded hull that is strong and stable. The interior is completely carpet-lined, which really helps cut the noise out when running on the water. Transversely, it also limits the transfer of noise from the boat into the water when you’re fishing in the shallows.

Once inside the boat, you quickly discover the long list of standard features that Tracker fits into this 16-foot package aren’t packed in there just because they could. Every element of this boat has a purpose and a reason.

At the bow, the casting deck is very spacious and the seat originally sits right on the deck, but there is an extender pole that can be put in for comfortable casting. This also opens up the access to the bow storage. When the seat is in the low position, it hinders the opening of the flush-mounted storage lid, which I was a little apprehensive about at first. However, when I realized how easy it was to remove the seat and install the extender pole, I was reassured it wasn’t a big deal.

Much like its bigger counterparts, the Pro 16’s bow and aft casting decks are flush with the top of the gunwales. The cockpit is then set low in the centre of the boat with a captain and buddy seat slightly more aft.

There is more storage under the buddy seat, and four rods can be tucked neatly under the bow on the port-side gunwale for easy access when you need them.

The helm is very simple on the Pro 16... in a good way. It has a moulded windscreen with a stainless cup holder beside it and the standard Lowrance X50 DS fish finder is right in view. The Pro 16 does not have a tachometer or speedometer, but that’s fine. You’re not going to be breaking any speed records with its modest maximum horsepower recommendation of 30 anyways.

Still, 30 horsepower is more than enough for this boat, which is an absolute blast to drive as it rides so low to the water. You’re right in the action, making getting to the fishing hole half the fun. Although the Pro 16’s length and flat bottom will limit the size of lakes and rivers you can fish on, it also opens up opportunities to explore waterways larger V-hull boats can’t get into.

Since this package weighs just under 1,200 pounds, you can further expand your horizons since the Pro 16 is easily trailered behind almost any vehicle with a hitch. And when I say easily, I mean it. It behaved so well behind my SUV that I almost forgot it was there. The flat bottom made it a little tricky for me to line up the boat on the trailer when retrieving it, though. In fact, I was off about six inches to the left. But thanks to its weight and size, I was able to lift and shift the Pro 16 over into place and get back on the road.

If you’re familiar with the Tracker family of boats, you know they’re all about value, and the Pro 16 definitely demonstrates this commitment. They’ve taken the classic bass boat layout and included everything you need to get out fishing (and nothing you don’t). Even though it’s one of the smallest boats in the Tracker line-up, the Pro 16 continues to lead the industry in value in a big way.

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