Boat Test: 2011 Crestliner 1650 Fish Hawk SC

Boat Tested2011 Crestliner 1650 Fish Hawk SC
Price As Tested$16,395 USD
Category Side Console
Manufacturer Crestliner
Length16ft 8in / 5.08 m
Beam7ft 1in / 2.16 m
Drive TypeOutboard
Fuel Capacity20

By: Matt Spencer
There’s something to be said about the “KISS” �“ or “Keep It Simple Sam” �“ approach when building a boat. Crestliner demonstrates how successful this principle can be with its all-new 1650 FishHawk.

Available in full walk-through, dual console or side consolem odels, the Fish Hawk is a 16-foot fishing package offering premium features without the premium price tag.

As the KISS approach would suggest, Crestliner didn’t try to jam this boat with gadgets to clutter up the cockpit. Instead opting to keep it simple by including the main features a fisherman can’t do without �“ and no bells and whistles.

There’s a 24-gallon livewell to stern, an eight-foot rod storage in the port-side gunwales, and the fish finder and trolling motor are standard. Topping off this grocery list of features is a massive, locking seven-rod storage compartment at the centre of the boat.

Since the floor will be free of clutter with your gear tucked away in its proper spots, you can freely move about the spacious cockpit and move the two interchangeable seats into whatever configuration suits you best.

On the water, the 1650 Fish Hawk SC rode like a dream. I couldn’t get over how responsive the boat was to my every command. Once on plane, I gave it a few shots of up trim and the bow lifted instantly to smooth out the ride and bump up the speed a few more notches.

The handling was very neat and tidy and didn’t act out of character at all. I guess that’s what comes from infusing 65 years of boat building experience into your new model.

All in all, I was quite impressed with Crestliner’s new Fish Hawk. It should definitely cost more for the amount of fishing features it has. And, given its size, the boat shouldn’t be as open as it is. But it doesn’t and it is. And that’s what comes of sticking to keeping it simple.

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