Boat Test: 2012 Mastercraft X-2

Boat Tested2012 Mastercraft X-2
Price As Tested$75,670 CAD
Category Wakeboard Boat
Manufacturer Mastercraft
Length20ft / 6.10 m
Beam8ft / 2.44 m
Drive TypeInboard
Fuel Capacity45

By Matt Spencer

First introduced by MasterCraft in 2006 as a next-in-line to the iconic X-Star, the X-2 has a lot of the features that made the X-Star so popular -just in a smaller package. Fast forward six years andMasterCraft has shaken the Etch-a-Sketch to start clean with a new X-2 deck for 2012, improving even more in the areas that have made this boat a huge success.

The bow on the X-2 has been redesigned to offer those looking back at the action a little more comfort and space than before. It can be described as a two-way lounge with backrests for either way. They’ve even added an anchor locker behind the forward seat.

The tower design is similar to what’s seen on the X-Star and offers fewer flex points, as well as zero interference in your line of sight. That’s because the front legs have been eliminated and moulded into an all-in-one design.

These are the big changes for the boat, but MasterCraft is a company built on attention to detail so the list of updates is long and complex. What they’ve done is taken the boat that broke the mould, kept the hull and changed it up again.

Since the hull remains unchanged, you can still expect that same huge, consistent MasterCraft wake. When you jack the boat full of ballast, the wake remains clean and lippy and simply gets BIG.

The X-2 also prides itself on how it handles rough water, which makes it great for the cottage when searching for that butter cove. That said, its 20-foot length and 3,500-pound weight means it can be easily towed and stored.

The second smallest in the X lineup, the MasterCraft X-2 is often called the “little X-Star.” But size isn’t everything. It has the same great hull and a new and improved deck for 2012. So it may be smaller, but it’s certainly not an underachiever.

Ilmor MV8 5.7L producing 320 hp
0-20 / 4.9 ; 0-30 / 7.2TOP SPEED (rpm/mph)
5000 / 39CRUISING SPEED (rpm/mph)
2500 / 11 ; 3000 / 20 ; 3500 / 27.5

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