Boat Test: 2016 Yamaha Waverunner VXR

Boat Tested2016 Yamaha Waverunner VXR
Price As TestedNot Available
Category PWC
Manufacturer Yamaha
Length11ft / 3.35 m
Beam4ft / 1.22 m
Drive TypeJet Drive
Fuel Capacity18.5
By Steven Bull
I’ve been lucky enough to ride a lot of PWCs, and Yamaha’s versatile and comfortable VX line has always been a joy to drive. The VXR isn’t just any other VX. That letter R makes a huge difference, propelling it to another class.

Yamaha considers the VXR part of its performance line of WaveRunners, and forgood reason. When you squeeze that throttle, you had better be holding on.Don’t turn your head without your sunglasses strapped to your head. Ripping along at top speed ��“ more than 60 miles per hour ��“ they will spend more time on the bottom of the lake than on your face.

I topped out at 63 miles per hour, but someone, ahem, suggested that a lighter rider could get a few more clicks out of it.

It cruises nicely in the mid-30 miles per hour range. Though, I was just as happy in the 40 and 50 mph ranges without feeling like I was going too fast for comfort, a sign of a well-designed hull.

You can read about all the technical details and achievements online, but suffice it to say there is more technology in the 1812cc, high-output powerplant than would fit on this page.

The NanoXcel hull is lightweight, but strong. To the untrained eye, the sponsons might appear to be nothing more than plastic slabs bolted to the sides at the water line, but in actuality, they help keep the hull on fast straight-line runs as well as upping stability with 2- or 3-Up riding.

What years ago was a dream forriders is now a standard expectation. Yamaha’s incredible RiDE technology offers deceleration and reverse and it’s already somethingI take for granted and while whipping the VXR around. Trying to get water to splash over the bow spray guard is fun, and ripping across the water is an absolute blast.

The RiDE technology truly does make docking part of the fun and, if you’re like me, you’ll try to find the tightest spot to parallel park or back in to. Why? Because you can.

Test Boat Engine1.8 L HO Yamaha Marine engine, 1,812 cc, four-cylinder four-stroke with EFI
ACCELERATION (mph/sec)0-30 / 2
TOP SPEED (rpm/mph)4,500 / 27.5
7,500 / 63.0
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