Boat Test: 2021 Highfield Roll-up 250KAM and 280KAL

Boat Tested2021 Highfield Roll-up 250KAM and 280KAL
Price As TestedNot Available
Category Inflatable
Manufacturer Highfield
Highfield’s reputation for rigid hull inflatable boats is well known, but did you know they also make a few roll-up models? For those that need to store their boat in a very tight spot, Highfield provides two roll-up options… the more rigid aluminum floor and the more compact high pressure air floor models.

In this video, Jon provides a complete unboxing and walkthrough on proper set-up and inflation for two Highfield roll-up inflatables, the 280 KAL and 250 KAM. He even brings along a few inflation toys that can really help accelerate setup.

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2:10 for Inflation Tools and Tips
4:30 for Air Valve Use
5:10 for Aluminum Floor Installation
7:28 for Inflating the Keel
7:34 for Air Floor Inflation
9:30 for Deflating and Storing

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