Buyer's Guide: Yamaha F150

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CategoryOutboard Motor
Maximum HP150
Shaft Length20" - 25"
RPM Range5000-6000
Bore Stroke94x96.2mm (3.7x3.79in)
IgnitionTCI Micro-Computer
Gear Ratio14:28 (2.00)
Alternator Output35 Amps
Starting SystemElectric

COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT in-line 4-cylinder design is quiet, clean-burning and fuel efficient - with power to spare. 16-VALVE DOUBLE OVERHEAD CAM. Four valves per cylinder have lower rise time which increases the volumetric efficiency resulting in increased power in the low to midrange operation. ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION is controlled by the ECM (Engine Control Module). The fuel/air mix is matched to engine load and speed for maximum performance and fuel efficiency. TWIN COUNTER BALANCER SHAFTS minimize engine vibration for a smooth, pleasant boating experience. 10MM OFFSET CRANKSHAFT provides larger intake volume. Four tuned intake tubes boost torque in low and mid speed ranges for quick acceleration. YAMAHA'S AWARD WINNING INNOVATION continues to revolutionize four stroke technology. YAMAHA'S CELEBRATED ACP-221 PAINT PROCESS provides a tough, 5-layer barrier against corrosion. YAMAHA FOUR STROKES blend fuel economy with power and performance from 2.5hp all the way to the 225 V6. EVERY YAMAHA FOUR STROKE is protected by our 3-Year Limited Warranty. THE 16-VALVE DOUBLE OVERHEAD CAM not only uses 4 valves per cylinder for maximum power and fuel efficiency - by eliminating rocker arms and their adjustments, it further enhances reliability. The DOHC, the super strong Long-Life Powerhead, the sensor-controlled Engine Warning & Protection System, and Yamaha's famed Ultimate Corrosion Protection System are just a few examples of the Yamaha reliability engineered into the F150.

The F150 is another industry first, the optimum blend of power and versatility that's perfect for family runabouts, deck boats, pontoons and more. The 4-cylinder Double Overhead Cam engine gives you power rivalling a 2-stroke V6, and works in tandem with the brains of our advanced microprocessor ECM (Engine Control Module) to give you precision Electronic Fuel Injection based on engine load and speed. As a result, you get the speed and strength of a V6 2-stroke, but with the characteristics of a 4-stroke: whisper-quiet operation, remarkable fuel efficiency, and emissions so low, the F150 meets CARB 2006 three-star requirements. Powerful, efficient, versatile and affordable. It's everything you could ask for in an outboard. It's a Yamaha.
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