Buyer's Guide: Yamaha F350

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CategoryOutboard Motor
Maximum HP350
Shaft Length25" - 30"
RPM Range5000 - 6000
Bore Stroke94 x 96 mm (3.70 x 3.78 in)
Gear Ratio15:26 (1.73)
Alternator Output50A
Starting SystemElectric

Bigger is Better. The F350's 5.3L V8 configuration is designed to easily produce 350 prop shaft horsepower, with less stress and strain on internal engine components than small displacement, high-output boards. Four oversized valves per cylinder increase breathing efficiency and contribute significantly to this engine's power and torque. Everything's Under Control - Seven different sensors constantly measure vital atmospheric conditions and engine functions to give the Engine Control Module (ECM) the information needed to precisely and instantly adjust the fuel/air mixture for optimum performance. Variable Cam-shaft timing - This system advances and retards the angle of the intake camshaft to increase valve lift, duration, and overlap in the low- and mid-rpm ranges. This gives the engine substantially greater torque between 2000 ~ 3500 RPM to plane large offshore boats with authority. Dual In-Bank exhaust chambers means exhaust exits through the center of the engine between the "V" of the cylinders, rather than on the exterior side, to allow for a more compact shape. The F350 also features dual exhaust with Power Surge Chambers, which help the engine more easily purge the exhaust for greater combustion efficiency and power. Ultra Strong gear-case - Completely new, it's large, streamlined design incorporates hardened gears and high strength oversized bearings and bearing surfaces to handle the tremendous power of the F350. Forged motor mounts and oversized bracket. The F350 features four motor mounts made of strong forged aluminum, which means they're compressed in moulds for much greater strength than cast aluminum-type mounts. The oversized mounting bracket features the same bolt pattern and centerline as the F250, but uses two additional mounting bolts for a total of six. It is designed to handle the engine's power while minimizing noise and vibration. Programmable maximum tilt angle - With a simple programming change through the Yamaha Diagnostic System, it's possible to adjust the full tilt-up setting on the F350 to meet the requirements of individual applications. Variable trolling RPM control - By just pressing a button on the Command Link gauges, the operator can adjust the engine's trolling speed form 600 ~ 1,000 rpm, in 50-rpm increments. This helps provide precise and consistent trolling speeds in wide array. Ionic combustion sensors Individual sensors constantly monitor the condition of combustion in each cylinder for incomplete combustion and, should this occur, they immediately signal the ECM to adjust spark timing to correct it. Direct 'coil-in-cap' ignition - Spark plug caps come with the ignition coils built right in. The result is increased performance and reliability in a much simpler (no hi voltage wires) and more compact design. Yamaha's new Command Link Digital Electronics Controls - Features a built-in redundancy system using an additional Engine Control Module (ECM), which provides for continued operation if ever needed.

Redefining offshore power, Yamaha proudly presents the F350. The world's first V8 5.3-liter four-stroke outboard. The all-new Yamaha F350 proves that power is more than the sum of your horses. It's the ability to deliver the thrust, the push, the raw energy demanded by today's larger offshore boats. And that kind of power requires something revolutionary. It requires Yamaha.
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